News Releases

  News Releases  
4/15/2014 Vertical Blenders - Gentle Blending
4/4/2014 HMI and SCADA Packages offered
3/11/2014 New line of Model 42C Cylindrical Ribbon Blenders
2/26/2014 Mixer manufacturer offers one stop custom fabrication service
1/27/2014 Ultra-High Shear Mixer with Powder Injection
1/22/2014 Ross MegaShear Ultra-High Shear Mixer
12/17/2013 Rapid, thorough and dust-free blending of powders
12/5/2013 500 Gallon Dual Shaft Mixer
11/19/2013 Powder Injection Mixers with New Hopper Design
10/7/2013 New Ross SysCon Recipe Controls
9/21/2013 Special 15,000 Gallon Vessel Completed
9/19/2013 We are Hiring
9/10/2013 Turnkey systems for accelerated high-viscosity mixing and discharge
8/12/2013 New Whitepaper - High Speed Mixers for Paints, Inks & Coatings
7/30/2013 Sanitary Mix Vessels
7/16/2013 Fabricated vessels from newly improved Ross Engineering
7/2/2013 Industrial controls and automation packages from Ross SysCon
6/17/2013 Ross expands Ribbon Blender inventory
6/6/2013 Vertical Blenders are ideal for low shear blending
5/7/2013 UL-rated Stainless Steel Control Panels from Ross SysCon
4/22/2013 Horizontal Blender
4/9/2013 100 HP High Speed Disperser
3/25/2013 Ribbon Blenders for Powder Blending
3/11/2013 SLIM System with Agitated Recirculation Tank
2/25/2013 Ross offers customizable Multi-Shaft Mixers
1/28/2013 New Planetary Blade Design Offered
12/10/2012 R&D and Pilot-Scale Mixers
11/19/2012 New Portable Mixer Introduced
11/8/2012 Reconditioned Vacuum Mixers In Stock
10/21/2012 New Planetary Disperser and Discharge System Turnkey Package
9/11/2012 Tumble Blenders - Stocked
8/1/2012 System for efficient and large-scale dispersion of bulk solids
7/17/2012 New MegaShear Inline Mixer
6/19/2012 New Planetary Mixer Designs Offered
6/4/2012 New features offered on Ross Ribbon Blenders
5/21/2012 Ross completes large High Speed Disperser order
5/7/2012 Double Planetary & Discharge System
4/25/2012 X-Series Ultra-High Shear Mixer
4/9/2012 Ross expands mixer testing capabilities
3/12/2012 Newly improved gearbox design of Ross Planetary Mixers
2/27/2012 Static Mixer Inventory Increased
2/15/2012 Ross Introduces New Ribbon Blender
1/30/2012 Ross moves into new plant in India
1/16/2012 Free “Mixing Technology Insights”
1/14/2012 Ross Ships 87th - 515 Cu. Ft. Ribbon Blender from Florida Plant
1/10/2012 Ross Ships 1000 Gallon Sanitary Mixers

1/3/2012 Mixing and melting kettles
12/19/2011 Improved powder injection in batch mixing systems
11/7/2011 Ross Laboratory Multi-Shaft Mixer
9/13/2011 New High Shear Mixer Introduced
7/19/2011 New Planetary Dual Disperser Introduced
7/5/2011 New Cylindrical Dryer Offered
6/8/2011 Tax Relief for Capital Equipment Purchases
5/10/2011 New Green Technlogies White Paper Published
5/10/2011 New Design 100 Gallon Mixer
4/13/2011 Multiple Special Mixers Shipped
3/29/2011 Ross Receives 3A Certification
3/14/2011 New Regional Sales Manager
3/2/2011 New Spanish Website Completed
2/28/2011 Ross Appoints New Asian Regional Sales Manager
1/12/2011 New Labratory Mixer Introduced
1/7/2011 Alhofen Promoted to National Sales Manager
11/15/2010 Videos Online
11/2/2010 New Solids Powder Wetting System Offered
9/29/2010 Ross Ships Double Planetary Mixer & Discharge System
9/1/2010 New Whitepaper Discusses Food Manufacturing Equipment
8/30/2010 Sanitary VersaMix Introduced
8/24/2010 Laboratory Dual Shaft Mixer
4/30/2010 Ross Introduces Screw Discharge Ribbon Blender
4/21/2010 Sanitary Planetary Disperser
1/22/2010 New Planetary Disperser Offered
1/12/2010 Laboratory Mixers Website
12/8/2009 Ross Mixing Expands Florida Plant
11/20/2009 New Whitepaper added to Website
11/12/2009 Ross Stocks Dual Shaft Mixers
10/19/2009 VersaMix - Tilting Mix Vessel
7/30/2009 New Blender Incorporates Screw Discharge
7/13/2009 New High Speed Disperser Introduced
5/28/2009 Sanitary Double Planetary Mixer Offered
5/16/2009 Ross-Primix Offer New Battery Manufacturing Technolgy
3/11/2009 Ross Introduces Sanitary Mixing Systems
3/2/2009 Static Mixing Systems Available
2/7/2009 Ross Bulids 86 - 500 Cu. Ft. Ribbon Blenders
1/27/2009 Ross Introduces New 500 Gallon Horizontal Paste Mixer
12/24/2008 Chinese & Spanish Websites Now Online
11/27/2008 New Planetary Mixer Brochure Available
11/26/2008 Chinese Websites Now Online
11/14/2008 Whitepapers Available on a Wide Range of Mixing/Blending Topics
11/12/2008 Ross Offers 350 Cu.Ft. Vertical Blender
10/10/2008 New 150 HP PreMax Offered
8/8/2008 Ross is the Worlds Largest Supplier of Ribbon Blenders
7/28/2008 Ross Opens New Factory in India
7/16/2008 Ross Introduces Double Cone Blenders
6/23/2008 Depreciation Incentives
6/1/2008 New Control System Literature
5/29/2008 The Quest for Clean Mixing
10/4/2007 New Pharmaceutical Mixers Website Launched
9/26/2007 Sanitary Double Planetary Mixer
8/20/2007 Solids Induction Technical Article
7/24/2007 New Single Planetary Offered
5/27/2007 Ross Completes Vacuum Paddle Blender
5/10/2007 Ross Offers New Laboratory High Shear Mixer
3/12/2007 New Planetary Mixers Website Launched
2/21/2007 500 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer
2/3/2007 Ross Offers New Laboratory Dual Shaft Mixer
1/29/2007 Mixing Seminar Scheduled in Philadelphia
12/22/2006 Ross Launches New Ribbon Blender Website
11/10/2006 New Model of SLIM Offered
10/23/2006 Ross Expands Wuxi China Factory
10/11/2006 Ross Stocks Dual Shaft Mixers
9/30/2006 Series 700 Mixer - Interchangeable rotors/stators
9/7/2006 New Vacuum Dryer Offered
9/7/2006 SPI Pharma & Ross Cooperate
3/27/2006 NEW - High Viscosity Disperser
3/10/2006 Ross Offers New 2 Gallon Planetary Mixer Design
1/19/2006 Tri-Shaft Pharmaceutical Mixer Designed For Vacuum & Pressure Operation
1/12/2006 Static Mixers Used as Continuous Cookers
1/1/2006 Triple Shaft Mixer offered with Special Solids Dispersion System
10/4/2005 MegaShear increases shear and the flow, all in one pass
10/1/2005 100 Gallon Dual Shaft Mixer
9/15/2005 New Sanitary Lab Mixers
9/9/2005 X-Series Mixer For Sub-Micron Emulsions
9/1/2005 Sanitary Ribbon Blender
8/1/2005 New Food Mixers Website Online
5/22/2005 High Shear Mixing Article
3/17/2005 New Systems & Controls Website Launched
3/1/2005 Sanitary Ribbon Blender
2/25/2005 www.powderinjection Website Now Online
11/7/2004 The Art of Mixing - High Speed Dispersers
11/4/2004 New Spanish Website Launched
11/4/2004 Mixing Moves Osmosis Technology Forward
10/25/2004 Manufacturing in China
8/12/2004 New Disperser Website Launched
7/1/2004 Sanitary Ribbon Blender
3/17/2004 New VMC 1000 Triple Shaft Mixer
1/25/2004 High Shear Mixer Article
1/24/2004 Sanitary Motionless Mixers Offered
1/20/2004 100 Gallon Vacuum Mixer
1/20/2004 Sanitary Kneader Extruder
1/8/2004 Inside Sales Position Open
1/8/2004 New Factory Opens
11/24/2003 New Article - Specifying a Control System
10/16/2003 Portable Discharge System
10/15/2003 Sanitary Ribbon Blender
10/15/2003 High Speed Disperser
10/15/2003 High Speed Disperser
10/1/2003 Triple Shaft Mixer - 100 Gallon Capacity
9/1/2003 New Systems and Controls Brochure Offered
7/8/2003 High Speed Dispersers 20% to 30% below other major brands - In stock for immediate delivery!
6/23/2003 New Lab Model Double Planetary Mixer
6/15/2003 3A Sanitary Approval for High Shear Mixers
5/1/2003 SysCon Introduces New PharmaComp Mixer Control System
3/15/2003 Sales Representatives Wanted
2/1/2003 sanitary inline mixer
1/13/2003 New High Pressure Discharge System Offered
1/7/2003 New InLine SLIM System accelerates powder induction in a liquid stream
12/15/2002 Pharmaceutical Granulations using Double Planetay Mixer
12/14/2002 Ribbon Blenders in stock
12/12/2002 PreMax Offered For Pigment Dispersions
12/10/2002 VersaMix excels at rubber dissolving
12/9/2002 Ross Mixers produce consistently high quality carbopol solutions for Cosmetics
12/1/2002 Ross Announces Redesign of Laboratory PowerMix
11/30/2002 VersaMix - Triple Shaft Mixer now offered with Special SLIM System
11/29/2002 Ross Introduces Combined Planetary Mixer/Discharge System
11/18/2002 New Inline System Speeds Up Powder Additions
11/18/2002 515 Cu Ft Ribbon Blender
11/10/2002 New Vacuum/Pressure Ribbon Blender
11/1/2002 Sanitary Mixer Brochure
9/14/2002 MegaShear- New Ultra High Shear Mixer
9/1/2002 Benchtop 100LC High Shear Mixer
8/13/2002 New PowerMix Installed In Test Center
8/13/2002 New Triple Shaft VersaMix Designed For Vacuum/Pressure Operation
8/6/2002 New Batch Dilution System Offered
5/6/2002 Batch Dilution System
5/3/2002 New Chinese Website Launched
3/9/2002 New Sanitary Mixer offered
2/11/2002 New Dryer Offered
2/5/2002 Optimize powder addition & shorten you mix cycle by over 50%
1/2/2002 Portable High Shear Mix System Offered
12/15/2001 Special Mix Vessels
11/4/2001 Skid Mounted Pumping System Supplied
11/1/2001 PLC Based Control System Offered
10/12/2001 Discharge Systems Redesigned
8/20/2001 Ross Introduces New Model VMC VersaMix
8/17/2001 New PowerMix Offered with Special Chopper Blades for Dry Solids Applications
8/7/2001 Ross Introduces New Double Planetary Mixer
8/2/2001 We now accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard
1/17/2001 VersaMix - Now Includes SLIM System
1/15/2001 New Cylindrical Ribbon Blender
1/11/2001 New High Shear Mix System
1/10/2001 700 Series InLine Rotor-Stator Mixer Introduced
1/10/2001 SysCon Introduces new Voltage/Current Inhibitor
1/9/2001 New Technology Report Published
1/8/2001 Sealed Small Volume Lab Mixer Introduced
1/3/2001 Special Mix and Storage System
1/2/2001 Ross Introduces New Concentric Blender
1/1/2001 Ross Completes 750 Gallon Change Can VersaMix
1/1/2001 New VersaMix Design Introduced
12/10/2000 Sanitary Inline High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixer
11/1/2000 New Dry Blender Literature Available
8/1/2000 New Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer Offered
5/1/2000 High Shear Mixers Built for Vacuum or Pressure
4/1/2000 Three Roll Mills Updated
1/20/2000 Interfacial Surface Generator- Has No Moving Parts
1/8/2000 Ross Engineering Expands