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Industry: Chemical
In their search for the most capable and flexible cosmetics processor, one of the world’s largest producers of cosmetics has standardized on the Ross Turboemulsifiers for worldwide research, development and manufacturing of their extensive line of cosmetic creams, lotions and gels. The Ross multi-shaft Turboemulsifiers were designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. The advanced design of the Turboemulsifier allows manufacturers to obtain better quality products, higher productivity, almost perfect reproducibility and the capability to handle the widest range of products and viscosities, all at lower operating costs. The Turboemulsifier consists of three top-entering coaxial agitators including an anchor with self-adjusting Teflon scrapers, internal counter-rotating blades, and a central toothed rotor/stator type homogenizing turbine. The thorough mixing action of the counter-rotating blades combined with the extremely high shear rate of the homogenizing turbine, have made theTurboemulsifier highly successful in producing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals like toothpaste, mascara, suppositories and emulsion based creams and ointments.
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