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This valve is supplied as a standard feature on all "A" Series stock blenders.
The knife gate valve provides a positive shut off and is avaiable for manual or pneumatic operation
Flush ball valves are most often used when the belnder is being used for products that are liquids. They provide positive shut off and retain the fluids without leaking.
The flush plug design emiminates dead spots between the trough bottom and the valve face. It is ideal for use when minor solids or liquids are being mixed and when pefect mixing is required.
The spherical valve deisgn minimizes dead space and is availble for manual or pneumatic operation.
The standard stuffing box includes teflon impregnated-braided packing and is split for cleaning.
Sanitary Stuffing Boxes are easily disassembled with hand tools for cleaning between batches. This design includes special molded Chevron-Teflon packing rings.
Air or liquid seal stuffing boxes include a lantern ring for low pressure purging to prevent the intrusion of materials that might threaten the sahft and seal integrity.