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High Shear Mixer Article

Rotor Stator Mixer Design Shifts Into High Gear, A new high-energy, high-shear mixer rewrites the rulebook

A new mixer design has recently pushed high-energy, high-shear rotor/stator mixing into new territory. With an innovative rotor/stator generator developed in the Ross Test & Development Center, the new mixer is capable of ultra-high shear mixing, dispersion, emulsification, homogenization and particle size reduction. But unlike other mixers that apply intense shearing action, this one does not force manufacturers to choose between a high shear rate and a high flow rate. It delivers both.

The revolution continues. The new mixer - called the MegaShear - continues the revolution in rotor/stator design that began in the late 1980s and exploded in the following decade. For equipment users, it means that rotor/stator mixing technology now provides a cost-efficient answer for even more processing challenges. And now, with an inline design that can deliver both high flow and ultra-high shear in a single pass, it addresses other critical needs in production, as well by providing higher throughput, improved process control, and superior end-product consistency.

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