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Industrial Mixers

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Special Mix Vessels

Charles Ross and Son Company recently completed a special project for a client that required the custom fabrication of 185 gallon working capacity mixing vessels.

The project involved a close collaboration between the client and the Ross engineering staff to design the vessels to meet very special process requirements. These requirements included a need for a low viscosity mixing system that would provide gentle agitation to the product being processed. In addition, the vessels needed to be designed for full vacuum and pressure operation to 100psi. Because of the shear sensitive nature of the product being mixed, the vessel was designed to include a hemispherical bottom. The cover included numerous charge ports, a sight port to observe the product during processing, and special lift trunnions to remove the cover for maintenance as needed. Flush type discharge vales with remote pneumatic operators were proved for discharge of the mixed materials.

All wetted parts of the vessel were constructed in type 316 stainless steel and they were polished to a 150 grit finish, inside and out. Ross custom designs and builds special agitation to meet the needs of clients with unique needs.