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X-Series Mixer For Sub-Micron Emulsions

The new X-Series Generator being offered by Charles Ross and Son Company produces sub-micron emulsions in less time and at less cost than conventional high pressure homogenizers.

The X-Series design is proving to be a superior alternative to costly homogenizers. Production rates are high, for example when Ross X-Series generator is included in a machine it can manufacture at a rate of between 10 and 75 gpm. When combined with positive displacement pumps the mixers can be pushed to even higher limits.

The X-Series Rotor-Stator Generator is a patented design. Since the mixer that includes this generator does not have fast wearing impingement plates maintenance is kept to a minimum. The X-Series mixer depends on high shear rates that are generated by a close tolerance multi-rowed rotor/stator turning at high speeds. These machines typically operate at tip speeds up to 17,000 feet per minute.

Ross manufactures X-Series Mixers in 10 through 250 hp models in standard industrial and sanitary designs. All wetted parts are constructed of type 316 stainless steel and include mechanical seals to meet the needs of the application for which it will be used.