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Industrial Mixers

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Inline shear mixers that induct powders, homogenize and pump

ROSS Inline SLIM High Shear Mixers solve three processing steps with one machine. The close tolerance of the rotor and stator exposes 100% of liquid product to high shear and exerts a secondary pumping effect, eliminating the need for separate homogenization and recirculation pumping in viscosities under 10,000 cP. At the same time, the proprietary Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) rotor generates a powerful suction which allows for large quantities of powders to be dispersed directly into the mix chamber, a distinct advantage compared to upstream powder introduction typical of traditional eductors. The SLIM design is simpler to operate, drastically reduces clogging and prevents agglomerates from forming in the first place. Pictured are two 25 HP ROSS SLIM Model HSM-405SC-25 with a NEMA 4 Class II, Div. 2, Group G purged control system programmed to operate both the mixer and the pneumatically-actuated 1.5 powder feed valve, managing the flow of the dry phase.