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Industrial Mixers


Mixing Technology Insights

Mixing Technology Insights offer a brief look into ROSS' products, process expertise and market strengths. The reports delve into how the equipment can be used to improve your process and to add to your bottom line. ROSS strives to provide its customers with up to date information covering new technology in the industrial mixing and blending industry.

Select a specific product, process or market to view a list of related Insights:

  • Recommended Mixing Equipment for Floor Coatings
    Multi-Shaft Mixers capable of bulk agitation, high-speed powder wet-out and efficient heat transfer are ideal equipment for floor coatings based on epoxy, urethane, acrylic or hybrid chemistries.
  • Recommended Mixing Equipment for Polishing Compounds
    A wide range of polishing and finishing compounds are formulated for different surfaces and applications.
  • Recommended Mixing Equipment for Powdered Detergents
    In the bulk production of powdered detergents, sodium carbonate, zeolite and other builders are blended with surfactants, chelants, dispersants, stabilizers, bleaching agents, optical brighteners, processing aids, enzymes, and other additives.
  • Recommended Crutchers & Mixing Equipment for Detergent Slurries
    Different types of mixing equipment are utilized in the various stages of detergent production. One proven design is the ROSS Multi-Shaft Mixer which is commonly used as a “crutcher” or final mixer where the surfactants, builders, fillers and additives are all blended together.
  • Improve emulsion stability through ultra-high shear mixing.
    The droplet size distribution of an emulsion largely dictates its stability. Fine droplet sizes are produced by applying sufficient shear, often through the use of conventional rotor/stator mixers. Today, ultra-high shear rotor/stator designs are available which can improve emulsion stability of certain formulations.
  • Select a powder induction mixer that can serve multiple mix tanks of virtually any size.
    An inline rotor/stator mixer equipped for powder induction offers flexibility, capability and portability to serve multiple mix vessels of virtually any size. Its straightforward operation and convenience further maximize equipment utility while simplifying material handling.
  • Eliminate “fish eyes” in your mix.
    Inefficient mixing can lead to agglomerates and “fish eyes” which are difficult to disperse once formed. Using a high shear mixer equipped for powder induction helps prevent the formation of agglomerates, maximizes yield and cuts cycle time.