How the High Viscosity Disperser works

The High Viscosity Disperser is a useful mixer when slow speed-high viscosity paste mixing is required. The High Viscosity Disperser includes an air/oil hydraulic lift to raise and lower the agitator from a mix can. The agitator is either a slow speed Turbine or a Bow Tie design. As the agitator rotates in the batch of material, it gently blends the product until full homogeneity occurs. Wetted parts are normally of stainless steel and drives are designed for variable speed operation using a Variable Frequency Inverter.

Video in Action

The High Viscosity Disperser operates at low speeds. This video shows the operation of the machine in a white paste. In addition, for demonstration purposes the Disperser was also filmed in water.

As the green dye is introduced, the dispersion becomes apparent almost immediately.