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Ross Inline High Shear Mixers Produce Flocculants for Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Plants

June 24, 2019


Flocculants are chemicals that are specificallydesigned to form agglomerations, usually in an aqueousmedium, such as wastewater.

When the compound that is desired to be removedcomes in contact with the flocculant, an agglomerationis formed. The resultant agglomerate is then ableto be filtered and removed from the effluent stream.

Millions of gallons of flocculants are used yearlyin wastewater treatment facilities all over the world.


Two Ross Inline High Shear Mixers, Model HSM-4100(100 HP) are in service at one client`s facilities, eachproducing 3,000 gallon batches of polyelectrolytebased flocculants.


The manufacturing of polyelectrolyte basedflocculants involves bringing together a 4-constituent aqueous phase with a 3-constituent oil phase, toproduce a 3,000 gallon batch.

All of the constituents are introduced to the 3,000gallon tank. The batch is recirculated through the 100HP High Shear Mixer until complete - approximatebatch time is 2.5 hours.

When the batch is finished, the flocculant is againpumped through the High Shear Mixer, on its way to astorage vessel. The finished product is shipped to industrialand municipal wastewater treatment facilitiesvia bulk tankers and also in 55-gallon drums.


The Inline High Shear Mixer HSM-4100 used forthe production of flocculants includes the followingspecifications:

  • 100 HP, single speed, 230/460 volt, 3 phase TEFC motor
  • Double mechanical seal with tungsten carbide/carbon faces
  • Special reinforced fine screen head with 1/16" holes staggered on a 1/8" pattern.
  • Carpenter 20 rotor shaft to resist chloride ion attack

Application Note: Both units referenced in this case history are reportedly working extremely well. They have been operating successfully for over two decades.

100 HP inline High Shear MixerSpecial fine screen head enables the 100 HP inline Mixer Emulsifier to achieve excellentdispersion in the processing of flocculants.

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