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About ROSS

We are an Employee Owned Company

“We have dedicated employees, many who have been with us for their entire working careers. It is our obligation to share our good fortune and to make sure the company has a solid base for future growth.”

– President Richard Ross, 1999

ROSS Mixers was established in 1842 in Rochester, New York by two Ross brothers and remained family-owned until the late 90’s when Richard Ross, President and CEO at the time, decided to share ownership to ensure a smooth transition of the company into the future. "We have dedicated employees, many of whom have been with us their entire working lives. It is our obligation to share our good fortune and ensure the company has a solid foundation for future growth."

The company ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) was thus established in 1999, allowing all of our employees to participate in the company's growth, profitability, and survival.

The ESOP has contributed to the company's growth. ROSS employees enjoy working with clients from various industries and contributing to technological advances. Safe batteries for electric cars, lightweight aerospace composites, energy-efficient coatings, plant-based meat alternatives, renewable energy, smart polymers, conductive inks, 3D printing materials -- in one way or another, ROSS Mixers have played a role in these and many other applications. We are continually taking part in envelope-pushing projects, working with novel ingredients and chemistries, helping to launch new products and improving existing ones. Indeed, our area of focused expertise – the science and art of mixing – is at the heart of most R&D and manufacturing processes.

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