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Adhesives and Sealants

ROSS Mixers provides industrial mixing equipment for applications that range from low viscosity miscible fluids to dispersion of high viscosity dissimilar materials.


ROSS mixers, blenders and dispersers are used throughout the adhesives and sealants manufacturing industry. Applications include the simple stirring of low viscosity miscible fluids to the sophisticated dispersion of high viscosity dissimilar materials.

The preparation of almost all adhesives begins and ends with adequate mixing. From the homogenization of adhesive emulsions, to the dissolution of polymers into solvents, or mastication of rubber and let-down of master batches, the type of mixing equipment and method hugely dictate over-all processing efficiency and end-product quality. ROSS uses effective and updated mixing technologies being implemented across many of today's competitive adhesives manufacturing plants, as well as new equipment designs increasingly being recognized by the industry as potential solutions to prevailing mixing challenges.

Product Applications

  • Epoxies - multi component reactive mixtures used in the electronics, medical, marine, adhesive/sealant, semiconductor and fiber optics industries. ROSS mixers are used to add fillers, viscosity reducers, colorants, thickeners, accelerators, adhesion promoters, etc.
  • Hot Melts - this thermoplastic adhesive is commonly sold in solid sticks designed to melt in special application tools. Our mixers are used for low and high viscosity materials and are often supplied to extrude the hot melt into a final form.
  • Latex Sealants - typically used for filling holes in wood, as a firestopping material, padding of electrical outlet boxes, glass glazing etc. Ultra high viscosity mixtures under vacuum operating conditions are possible using ROSS mixers and controlled shear rates.
  • UV & Light Activated Adhesives - UV & light cured - activated adhesives for bonding, sealing and coating applications are produced on ROSS mixers and used for automotive, medical, dental and general industrial applications.
  • Pipe Joint Compounds - used for sealing metal or plastic pipe joints and fittings. These compounds can be either low viscosity solutions of plastic or high viscosity non-flowing materials.
  • Polybutene Emulsions - applications for these emulsions are wide ranging and include lubricants, sealants and adhesives, coatings, polymer modification, personal care products and more. Because of the big range of applications a wide variety of variable shear mixers and dispersers are used for this application.
  • Polyurethanes - polyurethane formulations cover a wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities. These materials include flexible foam , rigid foam used for thermal insulation, soft solid elastomers used for gel pads and print rollers, and hard solid plastics used as electronic instrument bezels and structural parts. ROSS mixers offer a versatility including vacuum, jacketing for temperature control and multiple speeds when manufacturing these end products.
  • Rubber Cements and Adhesives - rubber cements are commonly used for applications to easily peel or rub off without damaging the substrate or leaving any trace of adhesive behind. They are ideal for use with photographs and specialty papers and as cements to secure laminates. ROSS mixers easily dissolve at high speed the polymers used in the carrier solvent.
  • Silicones - silicones are used for a variety of applications and in a very diversified industrial mix. The product consistencies are broad thus many different mixers and blenders are used in the manufacturing process. Common end products include sealants, gasketing compounds, mold making materials, electronic encapsulants, breast implants and personal care products.

Reports and Articles


Below, find a curated list of technology reports, articles, and ROSS press releases relevant to the Adhesives and Sealants industry.

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