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The Expert's Corner

The Expert's Corner Blog features curated content from ROSS engineers, managers, and sales reps, updated regularly, to provide customers with in-depth mixing knowledge, advice, and solutions.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Why Invest in Ross Syscon Controls?

Let`s compare the benefits and issues associated with buying a loose Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control a Ross mixer vs. an integrated Ross SysCon Control Panel.

VFD Control Systems

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Engineering Excellence: ROSS PreMax Batch Ultra-High Shear Mixer

The PreMax`s high-flow design enables product entry from the top and bottom of the rotor/stator assembly. It generates both upper and lower vortexes which allow for extremely efficient powder additions.

PreMax High Shear

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Vacuum Mixing of Colored Thick Pastes

Pest control in beehives is attracting renewed attention from pesticide manufacturers due to some species of mites that have become immune to commonly used pesticides. A new product consisting of vegetable shortening, granulated sugar, honey and an active ingredient is proven through laboratory tests to be effective in suppressing mite populations in beehives. The customer is looking to scale up their production of this successful formulation. In their R&D lab, a 1.5Hp single planetary mixer is being used but the machine is observed to be straining against the toughness of the dough-like mixture.

Agriculture Pesticide Planetary Vacuum

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Engineering Excellence: ROSS Cylindrical Blender/Dryers

Cylindrical Blenders are designed for extremely efficient and reliable drying. The combination of thorough blending, deep vacuum and a baffled jacket that surrounds the entire cylinder and end plates enables rapid heat transfer.

Cylindrical Blenders

Friday, February 08, 2019

Ultra-High Shear Preparation of CELLULON PX and AxCel CG-PX Microfibrous Cellulose Blend Solutions

Obtaining the optimal functionality of CELLULON PX or AxCel CG-PX microfibrous cellulose requires proper activation techniques. The co-processing agents present in these microfibrous cellulose blends are xanthan gum and cellulose gum, both soluble components that need to be properly dispersed and hydrated in order to completely release the insoluble active ingredient, microfibrous cellulose, into the water phase.

Surfactants High Shear