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The Expert's Corner

ROSS High Shear Mixer with SLIM

December 9, 2021

Model: HSM-100LH-2

ROSS High Shear Mixers with Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology are designed for fast and efficient dispersion of powders into low-viscosity liquids. In this video, we used the Model HSM-100LH-2 with a 2" diameter SLIM rotor, slotted stator and a SLIM hose/wand attachment.

We pre-weighed guar gum powders (0.3 lbs) in a container, and water (30 lbs) in a 5-gal pail. We added blue dye to the water for effect.

From the touch screen controls, mixer speed was set to 6,900 rpm. As the SLIM rotor rotates, it creates a powerful suction which pulls powders through the hose/wand attachment. Solids are then drawn into the high-shear zone of the mix chamber, exposed to high shear forces, then expelled at high velocity through the openings of the stator head. Simultaneously, the rotor draws liquid from directly below it, promoting continuous flow and a rapid turnover.

This method of sub-surface induction allows for an extremely efficient powder wet-out process and eliminates common mixing issues such as undispersed agglomerates (fisheyes), floating powders, and excessive dusting.

As detailed in the video, the guar gum was completely inducted in 15 seconds to produce a uniformly thickened gel, with no signs of any unmixed powders or fisheyes.

The ROSS HSM-100LH-2 is ideal for batches up to 5 gallons and can also be fitted with an assortment of interchangeable stator heads (slotted, large square hole, round hole, fine screen) or a High Speed Disperser assembly. Interchangeable assemblies provide the convenience and flexibility to handle a wide variety of slurries, emulsions, and solutions.

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