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High-temperature drying in a ROSS Ribbon Blender

Monday, March 30, 2020

A custom 6-cu.ft. ROSS Ribbon Blender/Dryer is helping to advance solar energy research. The pictured vacuum blender features an ASME-stamped hot oil jacket rated for 75 psig and 300 degrees Celsius. A 4" thick insulation with sheathing assists in temperature control. The blender is equipped with automated feed, vent and discharge valves, as well as special air-purged seals, all designed for high temperature. The solid double ribbon agitator was engineered to very accurate tolerances to accommodate as much as 0.187" axial shaft movement due to thermal expansion. The 7.5 HP gearmotor is protected from the heat as it is direct coupled through a high-temperature disc coupling. The material being dried in this blender is a metal oxide wet cake.

Installation photos are courtesy of EPIC Systems, the integrator commissioned on this project.