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ROSS PowerMix Model PDM-4 and Discharge System

Friday, October 25, 2019

To satisfy the requirements of a manufacturer of electronic materials, Ross designed and manufactured a special PowerMix Model PDM-4 Gallon in conjunction with a Ross Discharge System.

The PowerMix is bench mounted and the Discharge System is portable. This enables the operator to mix and disperse the viscous product in the PowerMix, roll the mix can to the Discharge System on special tracks, and then roll the entire Discharge bench to another location where the discharged product is fed to a special coating system.

Quick disconnect pins between benches allow the easy connection and removal of the Discharge bench and separate controls allow the two units to be operated independently.

Ross PowerMix Model PDM-4 with Discharge System

Model PDM-4 in raised position, with Discharge System bench detached.

Discharge System on portable bench can service multiple mixers and can be moved to a remote location for discharging of product.

In one continuous mix cycle, the patented PowerMix can apply high shear and quickly disperse powders into thick or sticky liquid. As the material further thickens, the PowerMix will continue rotating a planetary blade and a high speed disperser blade on individual axes at independently-controlled speeds while also revolving both blades around the vessel -- even after the product has reached a high-viscosity, non-flowing consistency. The planetary blade continuously sweeps the vessel walls and feeds material directly into the high shear zone of the orbiting high speed disperser, accelerating the mixing process.