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Press Release

ROSS is Founding Member of U.S. Battery Machine Builders

October 18, 2023

ROSS is pleased to announce the creation of the U.S. Battery Machine Builders (US BMB), a new initiative dedicated to fortifying the U.S. battery supply chain by encouraging adoption of American-made machines and equipment. At Charles Ross & Son Company, we’re proud to join forces with our fellow Founding Member companies, Abbot Furnace, Bechtel Global Corporation, BW Papersystems, Dürr Systems, Inc., and Siemens USA to bolster the battery supply chain by manufacturing top-tier equipment in the United States.

As U.S. manufacturers of battery machines and equipment, US BMB unites behind the common goal of strengthening domestic manufacturing capabilities essential for U.S. battery mining, processing, and manufacturing. By showcasing the quality, reliability, and innovation inherent in American-made products, the U.S. Battery Machine Builders aim to encourage more companies to invest in domestically manufactured machinery.

“We're thrilled to join a coalition dedicated to powering the future with equipment made in the USA. As an employee-owned company operating since 1842, we hope to ignite a sustainable future right here at home and encourage American battery facilities to buy American." Joseph Martorana, Executive Vice President, Charles Ross & Son Company.

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