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ROSS Mixers restored to like-new condition

ROSS Mixers restored to like-new condition

April 29, 2022

The long-lasting quality and efficiency of a ROSS reconditioned mixer is comparable, if not equal, to brand new equipment when properly restored to as-new working condition by the ROSS OEM team of expert engineers and mechanics. The cost savings and faster shipping times allow companies to reach the profitable stage sooner without sacrificing value or reliability. Reconditioned machines come with the same standard warranty as a new ROSS Mixer, valid for one year from date of shipment.

The ROSS Model DPM-40 Double Planetary Mixer (pictured) has been reconditioned for vacuum operation with stainless steel type 316 wetted parts (heavy-duty Rectangular Blades, jacketed mix vessel and vacuum hood) and updated touchscreen controls. A motorized lift raises the vessel to the mixing position, an arrangement that ensures uniformity of blade-to-vessel clearances even if the installation floor is not completely level. ROSS offers reconditioned mixers like the DPM-40 for rental or purchase. Various laboratory and production models are available.

Companies with existing ROSS Mixers can contact the Parts & Service Department (800-243-7677 / [email protected]) to arrange an evaluation or request a visit from a ROSS Regional Sales Manager. Evaluation involves shipping a mixer to a ROSS plant for thorough inspection and receiving a quote for full or partial reconditioning to suit any budget. ROSS also buys back original ROSS equipment no longer in use.

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