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Versatile and cost-effective high solids mixing

Versatile and cost-effective high solids mixing

August 31, 2023

The ROSS line of High Speed Dispersers are economical mixers widely used in various industries such as chemicals, polymers, composites, inks, paints, adhesives, and food production. Designed to mix powders into liquids and break down particle agglomerates to generate fine stable dispersions, these mixers make a wide variety of batters, thin pastes and slurries.

The pictured floor mounted model HSD-15 High Speed Disperser features an air/oil hydraulic lift with telescoping cover which allows the end user to mix different batch sizes and prevent stratification while keeping the vessel covered all throughout the mixing cycle. This helps to contain dusts and vapors for improved operator safety and cleanliness. The 12” disperser blade operates up to 1590 rpm to induce vigorous turbulent flow within a low viscosity batch, creating a vortex into which dry ingredients can be poured for fast wetting. The blade speed may be changed as the batch thickens or increases in volume to maintain the vortex and rate of material turnover. The cover has a 1/3 hinged port for the easy addition of powders into the 150-gallon stainless steel mix vessel.

Easily operated from a 7” HMI display, PLC controls allow operators to program and run recipes based on speed, time and hydraulic lift raise/lower cycles. Safety limit switches prevent operation of the mixer while in the raised position or without a mix vessel in place.

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