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High Viscosity Disperser

How it Works

Benefits of Choosing a ROSS High Viscosity Disperser

What does a High Viscosity Disperser do? High-Viscosity Dispersers, also known as Bow-Tie Mixers are low shear devices used for paste-like substances and other dense and/or viscous applications. In lieu of a Bow-Tie, a Paddle Blade Agitator can be supplied for handling a wider range of viscosities.

How does High Viscosity Disperser work? The bow-tie-shaped agitator is particularly efficient at slow speed high viscosity paste mixing and generating a flow pattern that keeps even dense particulates uniformly suspended. At the same time, the mixing process helps to prevent abrasive wear caused by hard particles.

Features at a Glance

Why Choose a ROSS High Viscosity Disperser?

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    Design - ROSS High Viscosity Dispersers are truly a heavy-duty design. They are equipped with inverter-duty TEFC or explosion proof motors up to 500HP, heavy duty V-belt drives and bearings, an air/oil hydraulic lift, and stainless-steel wetted parts. These machines are built to last.

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    Scalability – Dispersers are available from bench top laboratory models to very large production models capable of dispersing several thousand gallons at a time.

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    Safety - Safety limit switches prevent operation of mixer while in the raised position or without a mix vessel in place. (UL/CE/CSA-rated) For mixers installed in hazardous locations explosion proof limit switches are supplied.


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