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Cylindrical Dryer

How it Works

Benefits of Choosing a ROSS Cylindrical Blender/Dryer

What does a ROSS Cylindrical Blender/Dryer do?

Designed to accommodate a wide range of feed forms – from free-flowing powders and pellets to wet granules and paste-like materials – the ROSS Cylindrical Blender/Dryer combines precise heating with thorough blending under vacuum. Equipped with a baffled jacket surrounding the entire cylinder and end plates, this blender enables rapid heat transfer and can be designed for high temperature requirements up to around 750 F, depending on the full requirements.

How does a ROSS Cylindrical Blender/Dryer work?

The Cylindrical Blender/Dryer consists of a cylindrical horizontal trough and a specially fabricated ribbon or paddle agitator. It is used to remove moisture or solvent from pharmaceutical granulations, chemical powders, plastics, ceramics, metals, and other products. The combination of deep vacuum, heating through the fully jacketed vessel and constant agitation achieves significantly shorter drying times compared to heating alone. The configuration is ideal for products that tend to persistently hang up on a conventional U-shaped trough. The ribbon or paddle agitator facilitates a steady exchange of batch materials in contact with the heated surfaces, promoting uniform temperature at all times.

Features at a Glance

Why Choose a ROSS Cylindrical Dryer

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    Design – ROSS Cylindrical Blender/Dryers are fabricated from thick, high quality stainless steel wetted parts, in sizes ranging from ½ to 515 cubic feet capacity. The gearbox and all bearings are located outside of the drying chamber and not subjected to the same temperature as the materials being processed. This allows for easy lubrication, simple maintenance and long service life. These machines are engineered via Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to very accurate tolerances to accommodate shaft expansion during processing at high temperatures.

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    Customizability – Special materials of construction including Hastelloy C-276, abrasive-resistant carbon steel and other alloys can be supplied for demanding applications. Heavier duty, higher horsepower options are offered to meet high density blending requirements. High-temperature mechanical seals, foam glass insulation, temperature sensors, air flow meters, vacuum pumps, dust filters, heat exchangers, high-performance valves, CIP spray nozzles, load cell systems and other accessories are available.


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