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Industrial Mixers


Test & Development Center

Introducing The ROSS Technical Services Group

The mark of a world class equipment manufacturer is leadership - a company's ability to develop innovative technology, new equipment, and new techniques for making familiar equipment more productive.

That requires a solid commitment to research & development and a clear visionTest and Development Centerof what process engineers really need to boost production and product quality. The company's R & D effort must be dedicated to development that can lead quickly to significant gains in process-line efficiency.

This is the mission that drives the team of engineers who comprise the new Technical Services Group at ROSS.

We believe that ROSS is really in both the mixing equipment business and the information business.The goal of our Technical Services Group is to manage the information and expertise that ROSS has accumulated over the years. No other company has been in the specialty mixer business longer. No other company has acquired so much front-line experience in such a wide range of industries. Our goal is to make all of that knowledge work harder for ROSS and its customers."