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Mixing Applications in Selected Green Technologies


This white paper presents an overview of mixing technologies employed in selected green technologies. As major developments continue to advance in the areas of renewable energy, green construction, green chemistry and many other markets, new mixing applications and processing challenges arise. The aim of this paper is to provide practical information on certain mixing requirements currently seen within selected green industries and how these production needs are being met through the efficient use of specialty mixing equipment.


Broadly speaking, green technologies refer to an evolving group of materials and methods that help conserve natural resources and reduce harm to the environment. This set of technologies is not limited to the production of new environmentally-friendly products but encompasses any steps taken to optimize existing processes and manufacture products with greater operational efficiency.

As many natural resources are currently being consumed at a faster rate than the earth can replenish them, governments and private sectors around the world are "going green," not only to address ecological necessities but also to ensure economic and sociopolitical sustainability.

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