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The new DPM Double Planetary Mixer - an economical alternative to double-arm kneaders

A recent innovation has stirred up a lot of excitement in many industries that relyon high viscosity mixers -the new Ross DPM Double Planetary mixer. Equipped with Ross's new HV Blades*, the new mixer can replace a double-arm kneader in many applications, cut operating costs substantially, and increase production.

Double planetary mixers have generally been considered appropriate for mixing materials to 1.5 million centipoise. Double-arm kneaders have traditionally handled the heavier stuff, such as highly filled adhesives, heavy silicone and butyl sealants, and bulk molding compounds. But a double-arm mixer commands about three times the price of a double planetary mixer, requiresmore space on the plant floor, and introduces many potential problems with shaft seals, stuffing boxes and packing glands submerged in the product zone.

The double-arm unit generally operates with more horsepower and consumes more energy than a double planetary mixer. Because of its horizontal orientation, it also cannot be supported with a set of interchangeable mix vessels -an option that often elevates double planetary mixing to a semi-continuous process.

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