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ROSS V Cone Tumble Blenders for High Accuracy Mixtures

ROSS V Cone Tumble Blenders for High Accuracy Mixtures

April 19, 2023

A proven workhorse used throughout the process industries, the ROSS V Cone Tumble Blender utilizes diffusion mixing to deliver low impact, highly accurate, and repeatable mixing of powders, high-density powdered metals, granules, pellets, and other free-flowing solids.

The pictured ROSS Model VCB-50 V Cone Tumble Blender is designed for atmospheric operation and features a stainless-steel type 316 intensifier bar fitted with high-speed 19" chopper blades operating at 475 RPM to reduce the size of agglomerates. The intensifier bar doubles as a spray bar equipped with fan-style nozzles for minor liquid additions. The V-shaped vessel is driven by a 30HP motor to approx. 12 rpm, while the intensifier bar is driven by a 15 HP motor. Sanitary tri-clamp connections, mirror finish on the product wetted parts promote easy cleaning , inside and out. The control panel includes a 7" color touch screen display with individual start/stop and speed controls, jog function, cycle timer and a recipe system.

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