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Industrial Mixers


How the PowerMix Works

The patented PowerMix* combines a planetary blade and a high speed dispersion blade. Both agitators are in constant motion.

The planetary and the high speed disperser blades rotate on their own axes and also rotate continuously around the vessel. The planetary blade feeds materials directly into the high shear zone of the orbiting high speed disperser. This combination of unique mixing actions combine to eliminate the need for multiple mixers that this one machine can accomplish.

Both agitators are independently variable speed to permit users to fine tune the speeds to the process at hand. The PowerMix is available in sizes from 1/2 through 750 gallons and can be supplied with many options such as vacuum/pressure, jacketed vessels, etc.

* Patent No. 4,697,929

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  • (A) Cycle timer
  • (B) Chart recorder
  • (C) PLC Control
  • (D) Speed Indicator
  • (E) Load/Power Indicator
  • (F) Relative Viscosity indicator
  • (G) Temperature Indicator
  • (H) Temperature Controller
  • (I) Vacuum/Pressure Indicator
  • (J) Hydraulic Lift Controls
  • (K) VFD Keyboard Door Mounted
  • (L) 4-20mA Signal Repeaters
  • (M) cUL / UL508 Listing
  • (N) Vessel Light Controls
  • (O) Phase / Low Power Monitor
  • (P) Power Conditioning
  • (Q)Variable or Single Speed
  • (R)Voltage, Cycle, Hz.
  • (S)NEMA 4, 7, 12, Other

  • Lab Model Specifications Laboratory Specifications (open full size view)

    Production Models Production Specifications (open full size view)

    • Multiple disperser blades can be positioned on the high speed shaft to increase the shear applied to the product.
    • Chopper blades are often used for the reduction of solid agglomerates when the mixer is being used for dry blending requirements.