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Control Systems

How it Works

A high quality and reliable process control package is the heart and soul of a successful process system.

The process control system must balance your need for accuracy, consistency, flexibility and reliability against your need to control costs. This is why the control is now much more than the interface between the operator and the machine; it's a direct interface between your process system and your bottom line. Specify the process control equipment intelligently, and your production line will perform effectively, reliably and serve you well for years to come. Under-specify or over-specify the control system, and you're in for an avalanche of costs and delays.

Benefits of Choosing a ROSS Control System  

What does a ROSS Control System do?

Automating a mixing or blending operation not only lessens operator error and variation; ultimately, it increases overall process efficiency in multiple ways:

  • Higher product yield (less rejects) especially for applications that are highly process-sensitive.
  • Lower production cost. A well-designed mixer with control system does not require as much labor to operate, produces less waste and is more energy-efficient.
  • Shorter cycle time. Delays attributed to frequent rework, incorrect mixing instructions, weighing errors are significantly reduced, if not eliminated.
  • Faster changeovers. Automated product discharge, draining and cleaning-in-place helps minimize machine idle time.
  • Longer service life. An appropriate control system provides electronic soft start for the agitator(s), overload protection and other features that help prevent pre-mature wear and mechanical failure. Proper routine maintenance and calibration can also be programmed into the PLC recipe controls so operators are less likely to overlook such procedures.

How does a ROSS Control System work?

ROSS control and data acquisition systems offer unprecedented accuracy and flexibility in the mixing and blending process. Our systems monitor an array of process variables while controlling essential parameters such as mixing time, agitator speeds, temperature and vacuum/pressure level. Windows-based software allows manual or automatic operation, with simple cycle programming. ROSS offers a variety of choices in control designs from simple relay-operated units to prefabricated pulpit-style PLC control rooms with graphical user interfaces. ROSS Systems & Controls holds the following certifications. UL508A for Industrial Control Panels / UL698A for hazardous locations and Intrinsically safety circuitry / NFPA 496 for Purging and pressurize enclosures for use in hazardous locations.

Features at a Glance

Why Choose a ROSS Control System

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    Safety - Automation offers improved safety to mixing processes by limiting operator exposure to hazardous chemicals and extreme temperatures. But even in straightforward, non-hazardous mixing operations there is more to meeting safety codes than simply wiring the right motor starter or variable frequency drive. OSHA, NEC and local codes require an energy-isolating device that can be locked out and has a prominent warning tag to protect employees from unexpected start-up or release of energy during service and maintenance. Emergency Stop buttons, primary fusing and main disconnects are just a few other safety features like (STO) Safe Torque Off can easily be part of your control design. This along with safety controllers allows us to meet certain # Category and/or SIL ratings that can be different for plant to plant.

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    Consistency - The most obvious benefit to applying PLC recipe controls to a mixing process is arguably batch-to-batch consistency. Barring any variations in the raw material supply chain, a mixer with well-specified controls virtually guarantees the exact conditions for achieving statistically repeatable end product quality.

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    Oversight - PLC’s with customized HMI (human machine interface) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) packages enable automatic data logging. Such systems support complete traceability and comply with regulatory requirements covering sensitive applications like food, pharmaceutical and medical products. For more practical monitoring, recipe controls can be configured for access through a smart phone or tablet so that operators and managers can have full visibility into a mixer’s performance and status wherever they are in the plant.

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    Cutting edge technology - The interactive phone and tablet configurations developed by ROSS are designed to help users save time and conveniently stay connected. The mixer controls may also be programmed to automatically send text or e-mail messages regarding operating status, production concerns and alarm notifications. ROSS also offers a service using a gateway device that allows us access to our plc systems via the internet for remote program changes and technical support.

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    • Additional Resources

      • Control system options for explosion-proof mixers

        Multiple options are available for explosion-proof controls of mixing systems installed in hazardous environments. To select the best and most cost-effective controls solution, it helps to work with an experienced control designer who knows the details of your process as well as the mixing system and auxiliary equipment involved.

      • Direct drive ribbon blenders offer better operating efficiency and performance compared to belt-driven designs.

        Traditional belt-driven ribbon blenders are prone to slippage and suffer from subsequent losses in efficiency and production. Direct drive ribbon blenders equipped with gearmotors are more reliable, delivering better performance and requiring less maintenance. Because gearmotors are designed to work well with inverters, users benefit from electronic speed control, soft-start capabilities and overload protection.

      • Multi-agitator mixer/reactors

        Multi-agitator mixers are ideal for reaction processes that require intense mixing, high speed dissolution, emulsification, deagglomeration or heating/cooling of viscous liquids.

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