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Dual Shaft Mixer

How it Works

Benefits of choosing a ROSS Dual Shaft Mixer

What does a ROSS Dual Shaft Mixer do?

The ROSS Dual Shaft Mixers are a versatile and cost-effective system for making viscous formulations. They provide agitation and high speed dispersive mixing powerful enough to batch viscous solutions, dispersions, suspensions, and emulsions with viscosities in the hundreds of thousands of centipoise.

How does a ROSS Dual Shaft Mixer work?

The Dual Shaft Mixer includes an anchor agitator and a high speed disperser. The open disc blade of the disperser, which travels at roughly 5,000 feet per minute, is designed to induce vigorous turbulent flow. It creates a vortex into which dry ingredients can be poured for fast wetting. The anchor feeds product towards the high speed disperser blade and ensures that the mixture is constantly in motion. Teflon scrapers can be installed on the anchor to remove materials from the interior vessel walls, enhancing the mixer's heat transfer capabilities.

Features at a Glance

Why Choose a ROSS Dual Shaft Mixer?

  • product feature

    Design – Made of high-quality stainless steel type parts, these machines are built for robust and continuous use. Precision bearings with large bearing spans minimize deflection and vibration of agitator shafts. This contributes to improved strength and longevity of the robustly designed agitation system.

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    Safety – Safety limit switches prevent operation of the mixer when the mix vessel and/or agitators are not in the mixing position. Motors, control panels and all electrical components are customized to meet area classification requirements.

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    Independently Driven Agitators – The agitation system is highly customizable in terms of blade combinations and designs. No bearings or seals are submerged into the product zone which means better protection against contamination.  

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    Change Can – Designed for use with multiple interchangeable vessels.  Dual-Shaft Mixers up to 1000 gallons are supplied with an air/oil lift system. Another advantage to the change can design is the ability to use a Discharge System for fast transfer of the finished product, higher yield, and easier cleaning.


Technical Data

The Dual Shaft Mixer includes an Anchor agitator and a High Speed Disperser available in a variety of laboratory and production size models.  See below for technical specifications and dimensions.

Dual Shaft Laboratory Specifications

10 - 300 Gallon Specifications

500-1000 Gallon Specifications 

Video in Action

Photo Gallery

  • Dual1 Copy
  • Dual7 Copy
  • Dual5  Copy
  • Ross Dual Shaft Mixers and Discharge Systems (100  and 300 Gal) Copy
  • Ross Sys Con Nema 12 Control Panel with Touchscreen Copy
  • Three Wing Helical Anchor and Disperser Blade
  • Cda 300 104720 2 Copy
  • Ross Cda 100 and Cda 300 Dual Shaft Mixers Copy
  • Cda 4 13 Copy
    • Additional Resources

      • Basics and benefits of dual-shaft mixers

        Dual-shaft mixers provide a combination of laminar agitation and high speed dispersive mixing robust enough to batch viscous solutions, dispersions, suspensions and emulsions that are several hundred thousand centipoise.

      • Cost-effective processing of viscous mixtures

        Multi-agitator systems equipped with independently controlled drives are highly efficient at producing good turnover and imparting shear to a viscous batch. In particular, the dual-shaft mixer is a versatile and cost-effective system used for processing a wide variety of viscous formulations.

      • Mixing highly filled compounds

        Obtaining a good dispersion of fillers into a mixture is critical to end product quality. Highly filled, viscous compounds can be successfully prepared in multi-shaft or planetary mixers

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