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Planetary Dual Disperser

How it Works

Benefits of choosing a ROSS Planetary Dual Disperser

What does a ROSS Planetary Dual Disperser do?

The ROSS Planetary Dual Disperser combines two planetary blades and two high speed dispersion blades. The hybrid design imparts a combination of high and low speed agitation for mixtures that start out very fluid and eventually thicken up throughout the course of the batching process. This mixer easily handles wet formulations from water-like viscosity to around 2 million cP, while also capable of blending dry powders.

How does a ROSS Planetary Dual Disperser work?

The ROSS Planetary Dual Disperser is a robust system where two planetary stirrers and two dispersers rotate on their own axes while revolving around a central axis. The planetary stirrers continuously sweep material near the vessel walls and bottom, carrying them toward the saw-tooth blades. Solid additions can be made in larger quantities and shorter intervals. Agglomerates are disintegrated faster and turnover is extremely efficient even if the material is particularly dense or sticky.

Features at a Glance

Why Choose a ROSS Planetary Dual Disperser?

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    Scalability - The planetary stirrers and dispersers are independently driven by two inverter-duty motors, allowing users to tailor speeds to the process at hand. Sizes range from 2 to 500 gallons. A variety of options are offered such as vacuum/pressure design, jacketed vessels, sidewall and bottom scrapers, sanitary finish, explosion-proof configuration and more.

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    Efficiency - The change can design enables semi-continuous operation, which can significantly increase production. While one vessel is being wheeled away for remote discharge and cleaning, another can be wheeled into position under the mixer to begin the next batch right away. Each vessel can also be dedicated to a particular formulation to simplify cleaning and further reduce batch-to-batch cross-contamination.

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    Design - Being a vertical design mixer, the PowerMix has no shaft seals, bearing, packing, or stuffing boxes submerged in the product zone. Agitators are raised and lowered in/out of the mix vessel by a hydraulic lift, enabling easy access for cleaning between batches.

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    Versatility – The PDDM accommodates dry powder blends and liquid dispersions, from low viscosity slurries and high viscosity pastes. When equipped with removable disperser shafts, it can be used as a classic double planetary mixer for processing even more viscous applications including very stiff, dough-like formulations that rely more on a purely kneading action.


Technical Data

ROSS Planetary Dual Disperser Mixer (PDDM) capacities range from 1 through 750 gallons. Many options including jacketing for heating or cooling, vacuum or pressure, variable speed drives, etc. are available. For full specifications and dimensions, please review the data sheets below:

Laboratory PDDM Specifications

Production PDDM Specifications

Video in Action

Photo Gallery

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  • Pddm   Change Can & Discharge Copy
  • Pddm 10   Blades Copy
  • Pdd M10 Copy
  • Ross Model Pddm 40 Planetary Dual Disperser Mixer Copy
  • Powermix2 Copy
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