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How it Works

Benefits of choosing a ROSS PowerMix

What does a ROSS PowerMix do?

The ROSS patented PowerMix is a hybrid planetary disperser designed to impart a combination of high and low speed agitation for mixtures that start out very fluid and eventually thicken up throughout the course of the batching process. From water-like viscosity to around 2 million cP, the PowerMix can impart high shear at any stage, including when the batch is still too low in viscosity to benefit from a Double Planetary Mixer’s kneading action.

How does a ROSS PowerMix work?

The ROSS PowerMix consists of a planetary stirrer and a high speed disperser blade. Both agitators revolve around a central axis while rotating on their own axes. The planetary stirrer sweeps material away from the vessel sidewalls and bottom, carrying it to the saw-tooth blade. This accelerates solids wet-out and dispersion while promotes both material and temperature uniformity throughout the batch at all times.

Features at a Glance

Why Choose a ROSS PowerMix

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    Scalability - Each agitator is independently driven by an inverter-duty motor, allowing users to tailor speeds to the process at hand. The PowerMix is available in sizes ranging from 1 quart to 750 gallons and offered with a variety of options such as vacuum/pressure design, jacketed vessels, sidewall and bottom scrapers, sanitary finish, and more.

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    Efficiency - The change can design enables semi-continuous operation, which can significantly increase production. While one vessel is being wheeled away for remote discharge and cleaning, another can be wheeled into position under the mixer to begin the next batch right away. Each vessel can also be dedicated to a particular formulation to simplify cleaning and further reduce batch-to-batch cross-contamination.

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    Design – Being a vertical design mixer, the PowerMix has no shaft seals, bearing, packing, or stuffing boxes submerged in the product zone. Agitators are raised and lowered in/out of the mix vessel by a hydraulic lift, enabling easy access for cleaning between batches.

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    Versatility – The ROSS PowerMix can be fitted with a range of agitator styles:

    HV (High Viscosity) Blade – This patented blade produces excellent axial and radial flow for medium to ultra-high viscosity mixing applications. Featuring a precisely angled helical contour, the blade pushes product forward and downward, thus preventing any materials from climbing up into the gearbox area.

    Rectangular Blade – The classic Rectangular Blade provides a powerful kneading action suitable for thoroughly blending wet or dry materials, regardless of the product’s flow characteristics.

    High Speed Disperser Blade – The classic sawtooth disperser is a standard mixing tool for incorporating powders into liquid and breaking down particle agglomerates to produce a fine dispersion. Multiple sawtooth blades can be supplied on the PowerMix, with their positions adjustable along the high speed shaft.

    High Speed Chopper Blade – This style blade is recommended for fast and efficient dry blending of powders in the PowerMix. Because the chopper is moving through the product, it is possible to mix


Technical Data

ROSS PowerMix Mixers are available in both Laboratory and Production models, ranging from 1/2 gallon to 750 gallons mixing capacity.  For technical specifications and dimensions, please refer to the data sheets below:

Laboratory PowerMix (PDM) Specifications

PowerMix (PDM 10-750) Specifications

Photo Gallery

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  • Power Mix   Blades
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