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Optimize powder addition & shorten you mix cycle by over 50%

Most engineers in the process industries remember the day when production time and processing costs soared while solids like fumed silica, calcium carbonate, gums and thickeners stubbornly floated on the surface of liquid batches, refusing to wet out. The first generation of powder induction equipment accelerated the process, but they included multiple pieces of equipment to accomplish the job. These systems were prone to clog-ging and operators were only able to feed products at agonizingly low rates.

The newest generation of powder inductors from Ross, the SLIM, overcomes these disadvantages by combining and mixing powders and liquids simultaneously. The powders are drawn into a specially engineered High Shear rotor/stator mixer, where the powder is immediately dispersed into the liquid stream. Since the new In-line system eliminates the need to dump solids directly into an open batch vessel, it virtually eliminates dusting! This has lead to a significant reduction in the volume of airborne particles in plants using this technology.

Slim is different - Why? 1. Powdered ingredients can be added to the powder inlet using a hopper or a hand held wand. 2. SLIM does not usually require a centrifugal pump on the inlet or outlet to create a suction to induct the powders 3. It does not use an eductor to create suction, thereby making the system more tolerant of flow and viscosity changes.

How does SLIM work? The rotor/stator generates an intense vacuum and sucks in powders and liquids into the rotor-stator area. A feed tube adjacent to the back of the rotor provides a path to inject solids directly into the stream. The solids are combined and mixed into the flowing stream at the same point, the mixer is capable of handling extraordinarily large volumes of solids without clogging.

How do I try the SLIM? 1. SLIM systems are available for trial at the Ross Test and Development Center located at the companies headquarters on Long Island. 2. Trial rental units are available to try in your own plant, on your process line, in a real time setting. Call 1-800-243-ROSS to arrange for a trial.