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VersaMix excels at rubber dissolving

The dissolution of natural and synthetic rubber to produce a solvent-based rubber solution is a requirement for a variety of industrial applications such as: Rubber-based adhesives and sealants, Printing blankets and Automotive air bags. In the past, the equipment used to dissolve rubber into solvent was based on low speed propeller or turbine-type agitators in vessels (known as churns). These devices, although effective, yielded batch cycle times from 8 to 24 hours. The Ross VersaMix has solved the problems of many industries requiring the dissolution of rubber or polymers in solvent. The excellent heat transfer characteristics of the VersaMix, achieved through use of the cooling jacket and scrapers on the anchor agitator, allow precise temperature control of the batch. The effective rubber and polymer dissolving capabilities of the Anchor/High Speed Disperser/Mixer Emulsifier combination have cut mixing cycle times that were as long as 24 hours, down to as little as 1 hour.