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Pharmaceutical Granulations using Double Planetay Mixer

The Ross Double Planetary Mixer has long been an important mixing device for the wet granulation phase of the pharmaceutical solid dosage production process. A recent study describes the use of the Ross Double Planetary Mixer for pharmaceutical purposes. It is the belief of the investigators of this study that the data is of substantial value in fully demonstrating the utility of the Double Planetary Mixer. The validation of processes, as is required by the Food and Drug Administration, is intrinsically easier to accomplish using a "one-pot" method for granulation as can be achieved with the Ross Double Planetary, rather than the "more than one pot" approach as is needed for other mixers. It has also been concluded that the batch reproducibility and robustness (in a validation sense) of the Ross Double Planetary Mixer is of great advantage to users in the pharmaceutical industry. Recent trials of the Ross PowerMix, which combines the Planetary mixing action with a high speed chopper, have also shown that this unique granulator/dryer is capable of carrying out all phases of the wet granulation procedure, including blending and wet massing.