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New InLine SLIM System accelerates powder induction in a liquid stream

We have recently introduced a new in-line system that dramatically improves powder induction in a liquid stream. Unlike previous mixers designed for fast powder induction, the new In-line SLIM requires no pump or eductor, which greatly simplifies operation and maintenance, and lowers costs. The unique rotor/stator generator in the In-line SLIM system is the first to include ¡§Progressive Spiral Porting,¡¨ which produces high flow, high shear, and a high level of vacuum within the rotor/stator generator. This enables the system to operate without a pump and induct powders such as fumed silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gums, thickeners and many pigments at unprecedented rates. In many applications, this results in shorter mixing cycles, improved end-product quality, and a safer working environment by eliminating ¡§dusting¡¨ in the plant. ¡§Our research has shown that by inducting powders directly into the liquid stream in the rotor/stator generator, we can combine and mix simultaneously,¡¨ says Ken Langhorn, Ross Technical Services Manager. ¡§This dramatically increases the volume of solids that can be added. With the In-line SLIM, there is no length of pipe between the eductor and the mixer. That¡¦s where traditional powder induction devices were prone to clog ƒ{ limiting the powder induction rate.¡¨ A portable configuration makes the In-line SLIM system especially versatile and cost-efficient. The system can be positioned alongside a mix vessel and used only during the mixing phase in which high-speed powder induction is needed. Then, the system can be wheeled away to perform the same operation on another batch-mixing system.