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Portable Discharge System

Charles Ross & Son Company today announced the introduction of a new line of Portable Follower Plate Discharge Systems.

Ross Follower Plate Discharge Systems are typically used to push non-flowable, viscous materials from a mix can upon completion of the mix cycle. The Discharge System and the Mix Cans are mounted on caster wheels and typically used with Ross change can mixers.

Shown is a sanitary version of the new portable design. Included is a stainless steel frame polished to a 150 grit finish. The discharge platen is manufactured of 316 L stainless steel and includes special Viton sealing rings. The platen is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder and provides for 50 psi operation. The unit is also supplied with a hinged Lexan safety enclosure and safety switches to prevent operation when the mix can is removed. Controls are provided and are mounted to the frame of the system.