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Industrial Mixers

News Releases

New VersaMix Design Introduced

Ken Langhorn, Product Manager, today announced the completion of a new Triple Shaft VersaMix design incorporating a special helical agitator and Solids/Liquids Injection Manifold (SLIM).

The new agitator provides improved axial and radial turnover of the materials being mixed. This feature is especially useful for: 1. Viscous materials that have poor flow qualities 2. The addition of powders that have a tendency to float on the surface. The SLIM system, included in this model, further enhances solids introduction. 3. When heat transfer of the batch constituents is important

The new Helical agitator is designed for bi-directional operation. Optional Teflon scraper assemblies can be attached to the outside of the agitator to further facilitate scraping of the sides and bottom of the vessel when operating in either the forward or reverse direction. The VersaMix is available with up to three separate agitators including the Helical agitator, a High Speed Disperser, and a High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixer. This design modification is available on all models from 1 through 1000 gallons capacity.