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Special Mix and Storage System

Ross Engineering of Savannah, GA has recently supplied a complete mixing and storage system for a client located in the Northeast.

The system consisted of (7) -10,000 gallon storage tanks, (1) -6,000 gallon transfer tank, (9) vessels ranging from 50-1,000 gallons capacity and (6) -600 gallon blending tanks. The vessels were designed to meet special requirements of the client including unique overall dimensions to allow easy installation into an existing building. The materials of construction varied from carbon steel with special Teflon coatings to 304 and 316 stainless steel depending upon the materials to be stored or mixed in that particular vessel.

The mixers included were slow speed propeller type, for the storage and holding vessels, and a High Speed Rotor-Stator Mixer for a fine emulsification requirement. The Ross engineering department worked closely with the clients staff to complete the job on time and to the clients specific needs.