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SysCon Introduces new Voltage/Current Inhibitor

Rob Lanham, General Manager of Ross SysCon, today announced the introduction of a new Electronic Voltage/Current Inhibitor.

The companies newest product, the "Inhibitor" was specially designed for a large aerospace company. This product was deigned to protect the anode and cathode during an electroplating process. The new "Inhibitor" can however be adapted for any process where there is the possibility of electrical shortages damaging process equipment.

The operation of the "Inhibitor" is both powerful and simple. The "Inhibitor" samples incoming voltage, when voltage drops below the low critical set-point, a high speed triac opens within milliseconds. The resultant savings can be substantial and can often pay for the "Inhibitor" technology many times over. Th system is available for operation in NEMA 1, 12, 4 and 4X locations.