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Sanitary Ribbon Blender

Charles Ross & Son Company has announced availability a customized line of Sanitary Ribbon Blenders.

The Sanitary Blenders are all manufactured in type 316-stainless steel, and are polished to enable easy cleaning between batches. Agitators and shaft assemblies are designed and constructed with generous radius and smooth weld finishes. . Shaft seal rings are readily accessible and easily removable to permit cleaning of all product zone surfaces thereon, including the face of the agitator hub.

These Blenders can include (as shown) special cover openings, side sight ports, complete control systems, lights for viewing, jackets for heating or cooling, etc.

Sanitary Ribbon Blenders are available from stock in sizes from 1 through 515 cu ft. The units are available for sale or trial rental. Ross Blenders meet most industry standards for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Warren Ang - Product Manager at 631-234-0500, or by calling our Toll Free number at 800-243-ROSS.