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Industrial Mixers

News Releases

Tri-Shaft Pharmaceutical Mixer Designed For Vacuum & Pressure Operation

Ken Langhorn, Product Manager has announced the recent shipment of a special Pharmaceutical Mixer - Model VMC-50. The mixer was designed to provide maximum process flexibility to the user and included three agitation systems.

The VersaMix was constructed using type 316 stainless steel wetted parts. The wetted surfaces were polished to a 180 grit, easy to clean finish. The unit included:
Conventional Disk type High Speed Disperser
Three Wing Anchor with TFE scrapers to clean the side-walls of the vessel
Gas purged shaft seals
A 50 psi jacketed dished bottom vessel to permit heating or cooling
Vacuum and pressure construction for operation to 29-1/2 hg & 25 psig
Portable mixing vessel on caster wheels
Independently variable speed drives

The VersaMix is ideal for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and cosmetics creams and lotions having viscosities up to 500,000 cps. Change can models are available ranging from a one-gallon bench-top design to production sizes exceeding 1000 gallons capacity. Fixed tank designs are offered in capacities to 4000 gallons. All sizes are available with a wide range of optional features to meet the needs of each customer.