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Triple Shaft Mixer offered with Special Solids Dispersion System

Designed for multiple mixing requirements such as high-speed dispersion, emulsification, particle-size reduction and homogenization, the Ross VersaMix Triple Shaft Mixer is now available with Solid/Liquid Injection Manifold or S.L.I.M.™ System. The incorporation of this high-speed powder induction technology adds to the VersaMix’s flexibility and broadens its applicability for various formulations.

When introducing solids of low surface energy like Fumed Silica, alginates and CMC, agglomerates can form when using top-entry slow speed mixers such as propellers or turbines. In some cases, this lumping event is irreversible – subsequent shearing will not eliminate the ‘fish eyes’ that have formed, restricting plant operators to very slow addition of powders which hurts production throughput. Other powders will simply resist wet-out and float on the liquid surface for hours.

Our SLIM system injects materials directly into the rotor/stator agitator of the VersaMix. The strong vacuum force above the high shear mixer sucks in powders or liquids for immediate dispersion or emulsification. As wet-out is virtually instant, mixing time is significantly decreased and the volume of air-borne particles resulting from powder dusting is minimized.