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Static Mixers Used as Continuous Cookers

Ross SysCon, a leader in the design and manufacturing of Static Mixers, recently completed a mixer for use as a continuous cooker in the food industry.

The LLPD design is typically used for low viscosity turbulent flow mixing of fluids. In this case, it was supplied with a special steam sparging system down the center of the 3” diameter mixer, to permit the continuous cooking of a tomato paste product.

This sanitary, continuous design ensured uniform mixing and cooking at much higher production rates (approx. 500 gpm) than previously experienced. The prior technology required the paste to be held for a lengthy period in a batch cooker to ensure a uniform product, before packaging.

Ross LLPD Static Mixers with Sparging capability are supplied in selection of materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy and other special alloys. A full range of diameters and lengths to suit the customer’s production requirements are available.