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Ross Offers New Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Charles Ross & Son Company has introduced a new Model of its popular line of High Shear Mixers.

The new model 400DL is an inline design for use in laboratory and pilot plant development efforts. The 1-3/8 diameter rotor is driven by a powerful 1 HP motor at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. All wetted surfaces are constructed in 316-stainless steel and are finished to suit the needs of the application. Optional finishes up to a mirror finish and special materials such as hastelloy are available. This model is also offered with an attached 2.5 gallon mix vessel, and a range of stator heads including the slotted, round hole, fine screen and Quad (four stage) designs. Special seals are available to permit operation in applications to 250 psi.

High Shear Mixers are typically used for mixing, dispersion, emulsification, homogenization and particle size reduction of low viscosity products. These units are applied throughout the process industries and are often used to improve processing efficiencies such as; shorter cycle times, smaller particle size and improved particle suspension.

For additional information contact Ken Langhorn - Product Manager 1-800-243-ROSS or via email @