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Ross Completes Vacuum Paddle Blender

Charles Ross & Son Company has recently completed and shipped a horizontal Paddle Blender.

The new paddle blender was designed with a 100 cu.ft. working and a 110 cu. ft. full holding capacity. Designed for operation under vacuum to 29-1/2hg, the blender will be used to deaerate the viscous paste mixture it is being used to manufacture. All wetted parts of the blender are of type 304-stainless steel and are polished to a 120-grit finish to assist in the ease of cleaning between mixtures and color changes. A special pneumatically operated flush type plug valve was also supplied to eliminate dead spaces within the mix zone.

Paddle Blenders are typically used for the mixing and blending of dry powders and low viscosity pastes. These units are applied throughout the process industries and are available in many sizes from to over 500 cu.ft. A wide range of optional features are available such as jackets for heating or cooling, sanitary designs, etc

For additional information contact Warren Ang - Product Manager 1-800-243-ROSS or via email