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Depreciation Incentives

2008 Depreciation Incentives Available to Qualified Business

The Act's bonus depreciation provision enables an end user to depreciate an additional 50% of the cost of a qualified business asset bought and put in use during the current year (2008)... This is in addition to the regular MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) depreciation on the remaining 50% of the equipment cost. This gives a customer buying a Ross Mixer the opportunity to significantly increase their current depreciation deduction by an amount that would otherwise have to be spread out of the life of the equipment being purchased.

End users who purchase less than $800,000 of qualified equipment during 2008; Section 179 of the Act almost doubles the equipment expenses they can deduct from their taxes. Previously the limit was $128,000 per year (of equipment expenses). This year the deduction is $250,000.00. P>Follow the link below for a more complete explanation and a handy calculator to view potential savings: