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Industrial Mixers

News Releases

New Planetary Mixer Brochure Available

Ross today announced the availability of a new four color-14 page brochure covering its well known line of Double Planetary Mixers. The new literature illustrates and describes the complete line of Planetary Mixers including the Double Planetary and the PowerMix.

Included are descriptions of how each mixer operates with guidelines on how to select the proper mixer for a specific application. Many photographs of models ranging from the smallest 1/2 pint model to a 750 gallon vacuum/pressure model are included. Complete listings of typical applications and optional features are provided to enable a prospective user to determine what will work best for his individual application.

The company also manufactures a complete line of Control Systems that are pre-programmed/pre-wired for turn-key start-up and flexibility. The control systems and information on the new Integrated Turntable Mixing and Discharge system are also included.