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Ross Introduces New 500 Gallon Horizontal Paste Mixer

Charles Ross & Son Company recently introduced a new line of Model 42HD Horizontal Paste Mixers.

Most units are designed for full vacuum operation and internal pressure up to 5 psig. The unit shown has a mixing capacity ranging between 275 and 550 gallons.

Additional features of this model include:

  • A heavy-duty paddle agitator running at speeds up to 38 rpm is driven by a 75 hp explosion proof motor drive.
  • Variable frequency inverter to vary the speed
  • Type 304 stainless steel wetted parts
  • 150-psi stainless steel segmented jacket for heating and cooling.
  • 16 pneumatically operated discharge valve
  • Domed cover with hydraulic lift cylinders and multiple openings
  • Discharge pump driven by a 20 hp motor

    The mixer is also mounted on load cells to enable accurate weighing of each of the components included in the formulation being mixed. A NEMA 4X readout for the load cells was included with this mixer. Models are available ranging from 100 to 1000 gallons capacity.

    To obtain additional information contact John Paterson Vice President, Ross Mixing Inc., Port St. Lucie, Florida @