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SysCon Introduces New PharmaComp Mixer Control System

Rob Lanham, General Manager of Ross SysCon, today announced the introduction of an entirely new control system for use in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.

The PharmaComp system is PC and PLC based and is designed to control agitator speed, cycle time, vacuum/pressure levels, temperature and CIP/SIP. The PharmaComp can operate totally automatic or it can be run manually for maintenance purposes. The system meets IQOQ, cGMP and Sanitary installation and validation requirements. The system can be supplied for either hazardous or non-hazardous operation and is supplied in a clean and polished stainless steel enclosure.

PharmaComp systems are all custom designed and fabricated to meet the needs of the individual user. They are built and tested at the SysCon facility and are debugged prior to being delivered to a client. Several versions of the PharmaComp system are available form the Lite version that can handle up to 25 recipes to the most sophisticated model which has the capacity to process up to 10,000 recipes.