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Industrial Mixers

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Sanitary Motionless Mixers Offered

Ross Engineering today announced the availability of a new line of Sanitary Motionless Mixers.

This new line of Sanitary LPD and LLPD Motionless Mixers is used primarily by manufacturers of food, pharmaceutical and personal care products. The LPD Motionless Mixer is a no-moving parts in line mixer design consisting of a series of semielliptical plates positioned discriminatory in a tubular housing. As process materials are pumped through the elements the input streams are split and diverted until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. The LPD design is normally used for turbulent flow, low viscosity mixing applications. Six mixing elements are all that are required for most mixing application.

Standard Sanitary Mixers are constructed so that the mixing elements are easily removed from the housing for complete cleaning. Quick disconnect or sanitary threaded end connections can be provided based on the end users needs. The mixers are constructed in type 316 stainless steel and are polished to a 150 grit finish. Special materials and higher polishes are available.