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Ross Introduces Screw Discharge Ribbon Blender

Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the completion of a new model of the popular line of Ross Ribbon Blenders. The new model is designated as the "42NSD”.

This new design features a discharge screw positioned across the entire bottom of the trough and powered by a separate direct drive system for independent speed control. The discharge screw assembly is designed with very close tolerances between the screw and the trough. The screw runs forward only during the discharge cycle and in reverse during the blending cycle. This helps to eliminate dead zones and enhance mixing.

The 10 cu.ft. unit shown included all stainless steel type 316 construction, a 150-grit finish on all surfaces, a dust tight two-piece cover with clamps, liquid spray nozzles, a 3” diameter discharge screw, load cells and a NEMA 12 stainless steel control panel.

The advantages of this design include: · The ability to discharge continuously at variable rates to match downstream packaging operations · Removable screw for cleaning purposes · Less dead space, thus more thorough blending · Complete discharge